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We exist to promote an understanding in “things Scottish,” through programs at our Monthly Meetings, and support for individual’s studies of Scottish heritage, history, and culture.

Come and meet us at 6:00 PM on the second Monday of the month for the Monthly Meeting at Jason’s Deli at Highland & Poplar. Each meeting includes a presentation of Scottish interest. There are also several informal gatherings throughout the year, such as our Annual Ceilidh (party) and our Annual Picnic.

The highlight each year is the Burns Nicht Supper, a celebration of Scotland’s poet, Robert Burns on the Saturday in late January closest to his birthday on the 25th.

Details on our Events are posted on this website as plans progress.

John Schultz

August Meeting

Scottish Freedom! “Bannockburn”

For our August program we shall look at the Battle of Banockburn.

The Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 was the most signi cant Scottish victory in the War of Scottish Independence and by many hailed as the culmination of the forging of an independent Scottish Nation.

The Battle of Bannockburn on the 23rd and 24th of June 1314 was a signi cant Scottish victory in the First War of Scottish Independence and is considered a landmark in Scottish history. Most medieval battles were short-lived, lasting only a few hours. Therefore the Battle of Bannockburn is unusual in that it lasted for two days.

The immediate background was that Stirling Castle, a Scots royal fortress but occupied by the English, was under siege by the Scottish army. Edward II of England assembled a formidable, heavily armed, and well trained force of perhaps 17,000 men (cavalry, longbow men, andfoot soldiers)torelievethecastle’sEnglishoccupiers.Thisattempt failed, and his army was defeated in battle by a smaller, poorly out tted and basically untrained, army of about 10,000 Scotsmen, commanded by King Robert “The Bruce” of Scotland. The battle went on for two days and ended in a complete rout for the English. King Edward had to flee back to England and the rest of his army was harassed on its way back across the border!

Come hear Seldon Murray, Monday August the 8th and see who is getting a “headache” of major proportions before the battle of Bannockburn? What impact did this “headache” cause in this major confrontation?

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